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This week in dance music: Leading New York dance promoter Teksupport partnered with ArtsDistrict Brooklyn for a 20-show series launching this weekend with sets from Nina Kraviz and Magdalena, Lightning In a Bottle dropped the lineup for its 20th anniversary festival this May in SoCal, Skrillex shared a message on his 35th birthday reflecting on the “toughest year of his life,” movement in the Bassnectar camp seemed to suggest an impending direct-to-fans comeback, Skrillex, Flowdan and Fred again.. unleashed the “Rumble” in the top 10 of Billboard‘s Dance/Electronic Songs chart (the chart on which Elvis and Britney Spears’ “Toxic Las Vegas” also debuted this week), and we got the inside scoop oh how ODESZA scored two of the summer’s biggest headlining slots.


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See latest videos, charts and news

And guess what. We’ve got more. Let’s dig in.

Yaeji, “For Granted”

To overthink is to get on a mental hamster wheel, simultaneously sprinting and stuck in place. Yaeji shares such a state of mind on her new single, “For Granted.” On the track, she seems to ruminate on her success: “I don’t even know/ Am I saying thank you?/ Am I enjoying it too?/ Am I taking it for granted?” she asks. Her coo-like vocals are hushed and strangely comforting, while the production, initially sparse, slowly builds into an elastic (yet still mellow) beat. After looping the same verse and chorus a few times, she finally reaches a breakthrough — “I stopped the thinking/ Let it rest and I’ll flow” — unleashing a furious wave of drum & bass in a moment of ultimate catharsis. “For Granted” is the lead single from Yaeji’s upcoming album With A Hammer, out April 7 via XL Recordings. — KRYSTAL RODRIGUEZ

Illenium feat. Nina Nesbitt “Luv Me a Little”

Perpetual favorite Illenium continues his reign over the biggest, most epic (and most epically emotional) realm of the dance kingdom, elevating that status today (Jan. 20) with a new power anthem, “Love Me a Little.” Featuring the rich, exquisitely pretty voice of Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt, the song takes it time warming up, starting with a music box feel and then launching off for the heavens with a big drop more than a minute in and lyrics to belt along with throughout. The track is the lead single from Illenium’s just-announced self-titled studio album, dropping this April 28, and comes with the announcement of a massive 33-date North American and European tour — which will see Illenium hitting amphitheaters, stadium and festivals from late May through the end of the year. — KATIE BAIN

Kaleena Zanders feat. Shift K3y, “Vibration”

Lots of folks have sought inspiration from the buzzsaw synth sound of ‘90s Euro-House anthems, but where so many sound like copies, Kaleena Zanders’ latest single with production from Shift K3y feels like the honest continuation of that powerful vibe. “Vibration” is electrifying and uplifting, the kind of jam you can ugly dance to while cleansing your soul. 

“This might be one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever put out,” Zanders says. “The message of the song is exactly the kind of music I want to put out into the world. I always write from a space of healing. This is love and vibration, but soul and rave AF!”

It’s a big moment for Zanders, whose booming vocals fit perfectly over Shift K3y’s pumping beat. His songs were some of the singer-songwriter’s favorites when she first got into the electronic scene.

“Through the years by way of my good friend AC Slater, I got to know Shift K3y, and he’s one of the most smoothest, tender and talented dudes in the game,” Zanders says. “Making this track in London came effortlessly and natural. The energy in the room was super high with the help of, my now friend, writer/singer/DJ Alex Mills. We had loads of laughs and fun little kid-like moments that made everyone comfortable to create. I’m so freaking happy this song is out! I hope the world loves it too!” – KAT BEIN

Walker & Royce, Just What the World Needs EP

Brooklyn-L.A. duo Walker & Royce are back on their Rules Don’t Apply label with a new EP, and they didn’t come alone. The EP, a two-tracker called Just What the World Needs, features collaborations with Mindchatter and VNSSA (with whom they previously teamed on “Rave Grave” and “Word”). Mindchatter collab “Same Way Down” goes introspective, with Mindchatter’s airy vocals rising from an abyss of swelling, trance-y synths and a rumbling bassline, while the VNSSA-featuring “Outer Space” aims for 3:00 a.m. afters delirium with driving percussion, trippy lazer-like synths dipped in acid and altered, otherworldly vocals. Just What the World Needs arrives a week before Walker & Royce head out on their U.S. tour, hitting Detroit, Queens, San Francisco and more. — K.R.

Jerry Garcia, “The Wheel” (LP Giobbi Remix)

They say that success is a function of opportunity meeting preparation, and we can’t think of a more apt descriptor for Garcia (Remixed), an official edit of Jerry Garcia‘s 1972 debut solo album from lifelong Deadhead LP Giobbi. Taking on classics like “Deal” and “The Wheel,” the producer — along with fellow psychedelic enthusiasts including DJ Tennis and Le Chev — bring Garcia’s already sublime work to a place of true sunshine daydreams, translating Garcia and The Gratefel Dead for house heads and surely bringing some new fans to the family in the process.

“Getting to remix Jerry Garcia’s entire first album is one of the coolest things I will ever be a part of,” LP says. “Being raised by Deadheads, Jerry felt like a part of my family growing up. I’ve known his voice intimately since the womb and to this day his voice is synonymous with home. Getting to sit in the studio and listen to his creations and pull them apart and appreciate every part of them in a new way was beyond a dream come true. I felt so connected to my family, where I came from and where I’m going through this process.” – K. Bain

Sohmi, “Only One”

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the absolutely perfect groove of Sohmi’s “Only One” wash over you like a melodic baptism. The L.A.-based producer/DJ had a massive 2022, and this silky-smooth single released on the artist’s own label, Permission (via Thrive), is a flag in the sand that says Sohmi shall conquer 2023 as well. She also started the year by playing six shows in four cities in one 72-hour period, so perhaps she too needs to sit back, listen to “Only One” and catch some relaxation. This absolutely delicious tune is the second single from Sohmi’s forthcoming EP Recital. Let it soothe your soul with every listen. – K. Bein

Skrillex feat. Bobby Raps, “Leave Me Like This”

Fred again.. may not have a credit on the new Skrillex track, but the fact that he and Skrillex have been spending loads of time together is easily apparent on this one, via the incorporation of Fred’s style of melodic earworm vocals and a general atmosphere of emotional house frenzy. That vibe shifts into full Skrillex gear around the one-minute mark, with a buzzy bass layered over vocals from Minnesota singer Bobby Raps. In a moment of delicious homage, Skrill even samples his own all-time classic “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” with its iconic “OH MY GOD” drop placed into the new song as it moves into its third and most overtly D&B-oriented movement. “Leave Me Like This” is of course the latest in January’s blitz of new Skrillex material, all of which is leading to his first new album in nine years, the release date for which has not yet been announced. — K. Bain

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