NXCRE Shares Igniting Single ‘Indigo’ | News

NXCRE has shared his latest single ‘Indigo’.

Gearing up to his forthcoming album ‘Feat Is War’, the track teases a new direction for the NYC artist, now joined by his band The Villains. ‘Indigo’ is a charged listen, leaning towards racing riffs and momentous drums that reimagine the riser’s early trap influences. Exploring NXCRE’s personal evolution thus far, it’s a rush of introspection, hope and experimentation.

The track follows last year’s debut album ‘Twisted,’ a concise project that gained a steady buzz across streaming platforms. Since then, NXCRE has lent his focus towards live performance and the potentialities of a live band, embracing the heavier elements of rock to roughen his artistic delivery. Stepping away from the more melodious, auto-tune vocal aesthetics of his previous material, there’s a sense that NXCRE is now championing a grittier, igniting approach to the stage.

Encouraging listeners to release themselves from self-doubt and uncertainty, ‘Indigo’ is a fierce offering that points towards the next wave of rock music.

The artist details: “It’s a song that’s meant to make you get up and start moving instead of thinking, acting instead of dreaming”

Tune in now.

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