Kanye West, Pusha T & Big Sean Get Violated By RXK Nephew

Kanye West, Pusha T and Big Sean may no longer be G.O.O.D. Music labelmates, but at least one thing still unifying the trio is RXK Nephew’s new diss song.

The Rochester, New York rapper — whose irreverent, free-flowing output led Rolling Stone to call him “Hip Hop’s Jack Kerouac” — released a track called “Yeezy Boots” this week, on which he violates Ye, Pusha and Sean Don with little restraint.

As the title suggests, Kanye is the main target of the song, with Nephew disparaging everything from his music and clothes to his 2002 car accident and recent controversies. Even sensitive topics like his mother’s death aren’t off-limits.

“Shit’ll get uglier than Kanye West / Sacrifice my momma like Kanye West / I’ll break yo jaw like you Kanye West / You can’t get a feature like Kanye West / I ain’t never really liked Kanye West,” he raps over a distorted, speaker-pounding beat from bagwell50K.

RXK Nephew goes on to trash Kanye’s “mediocre” raps, “dumb-ass haircut” and “slave shoes,” before taunting him further by saying Wiz Khalifa “fucked yo bitch” — referring to his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose — and claiming he’ll become a “great stepdad” to his four children with Kim Kardashian.

“The name Yeezy was never cool / The name Ye was never cool / You look like a fool with them big-ass boots / That’s why JAY-Z don’t even like you / Somebody tell Kim Kardashian call me / I’m a great stepdad so call me / Give Kanye kids my last name,” he adds.

Elsewhere in the song, Nephew name-drops Kanye West’s former G.O.O.D. Music signees, including Pusha T, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Teyana Taylor. King Push catches his fair share of jabs, with the “American Tterroristt” rapper accusing him of lying about his drug-dealing past.

“N-gga stop, you signed Big Sean / Pusha T don’t even like you / Teyana Taylor don’t even like you / 2 Chainz don’t even like you / The whole G.O.O.D. Music made bad music / Pusha T never sold dope / He got a twin brother that went to church / That’s why Drake don’t fuck with you,” he continues.

Neither Kanye, Pusha T nor Big Sean have responded to the song.

Pusha T No Longer President Of G.O.O.D. Music: ‘[Kanye’s] Not Speaking to Me Now’

RXK Nephew isn’t the only rapper to have taken aim at Ye on wax lately. Earlier this month, Uncle Murda aired out the Yeezy mogul on “Rap Up 2022,” the latest offering in his annual year-end recap series.

The 15-minute track found the Brooklyn native crowning Kanye “Donkey of the Year” for his various controversial antics, including his antisemitic and pro-Hitler remarks, White Lives Matter shirts and comments about George Floyd.

“You already know JAY-Z be ignoring him, he violated George Floyd, Black people ain’t supporting him / He was on ‘Drink Champs’ sounding like a fucking clown / N.O.R.E. and them had to go and take the interview down / He defended the cop that had George Floyd on the ground, he say dumb shit whenever there’s a camera around,” he rapped.

He added: “Fuck Donkey of the Day, he Donkey of the Year, bro / Even Pusha T had to cut ties with that weirdo / He did it to himself, I really don’t understand that n-gga / What the fuck would make him go and say he a fan of Hitler? / He confused, Kanye want to be a cracker / That n-gga made T-shirts saying ‘White Lives Matter.’”

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