How many children does Romeo Santos have? Singer shares girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement in latest Solo Conmigo music video

Romeo Santos is all set to become a father for the fourth time. He disclosed the news most uniquely with the music video of his latest single, Solo Conmigo.

The music video features Santos embracing his partner’s baby bump. The lyrics of the song state:

“I can’t erase your history or who came before me. The saying goes that he who laughs last laughs best. Although some touched your body, only I reached your soul. You wasted feelings, nobody understood you, so many footprints on your bed. But I was the one who sealed your heart.”


While Santos has always preferred not to reveal much about his personal life, he posted a video featuring an ultrasound, indicating that he was expecting a child with his partner.

Romeo Santos has three children

Romeo Santos has been a father of three children (Image via Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)
Romeo Santos has been a father of three children (Image via Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)

Romeo Santos has gained recognition for his flawless work in the entertainment industry over the years. However, he is also a family man and has three children.

Alex Damian Santos

Alex is Romeo’s eldest son and was reportedly born in 2002. Santos has never revealed anything about Alex’s mother’s identity.


Romeo has stated a few times that he struggled to become the best father, and during his appearance on The Breakfast Club, he said that he was still a kid when his first son was born.

He said that he was not romantically linked to anyone and that everything happened coincidentally. He continued:

“I have a great relationship with Alex, it’s been great for over a decade. You have to be there for your kids in every sense of the word. I’m so busy with my career, and sometimes I try to balance both and end up working more. I’m a way better person than I was before.”

Valentino Santos

In a now-deleted Instagram post from March 2019, Santos revealed that he had become the father of another child. Billboard reported that he posted a photo of his new album with his son’s feet on top of it.

Romeo has kept Valentino out of the limelight, but he posted a video in 2020 featuring him playing with Valentino at home. In the same video, Romeo also requested everyone to stay at home to control the spread of Covid-19.

Solano Santos


Solano Santos is the youngest child of Romeo Santos and was born in 2021. He announced the news on Instagram with two black and white pictures, where the first one featured his pregnant partner and the next one showed off the baby’s foot.

Romeo Santos reveals why he keeps his personal life private

While speaking to Hola! USA last year, Romeo Santos said that he has always preferred to keep everything about his personal life under tight wraps. He stated that an artist has the right to decide what he wants to disclose to the public. He continued:

“I know that some people want to see more, but that is something that I decide, and when my children want, they will have the freedom to go out and introduce themselves. When I revealed my eldest son’s identity, I asked him first. Alex made the decision.”


The 41-year-old’s latest album, titled Formula Vol. 3, was released in September last year. It reached 10th position on the US Billboard 200 and features 21 singles.

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