Even Jaaved Jaaferi’s quirks cannot save this sloppy comedy

story: Three friends arrive in Mumbai to help one of them fulfill his dream of becoming a Bollywood superstar. Who knew that what they were doing was going to be messy and chaotic, not to mention wasteful.

Wait: The four-episode comedy series fails to hit its mark for a number of reasons, but mainly due to a misdirected script. A funny take on struggling actors in Mumbai, Rooms at Dreamland Not telling you anything you haven’t already read about or seen in the movies. To be honest, this joke-filled drama is just fit funny. A Rusk Studios presentation, the Amazon miniTV series is the first installment of the Roomies franchise, though you’ll find versions like Roomies at Scamland And rooms in mafialand on Youtube. Roomies In Dreamland follows the journey of three friends who are also roommates – Rituraj (Nikhil Vijay), Vichitra (Swagger Sharma) and Sampark (Badri Chavan). After arriving in Mayanagari Mumbai, her life gets entangled with Bollywood superstar Robin (Jaaved Jaaferi).

Hoping that this will pave the way for him to become a Bollywood actor someday, Rituraj accepts a role in a B-grade Bhojpuri film and reaches Mumbai in a jiffy. He is accompanied by his friend Sampark, who will instantly remind you of Kunal Roy Kapur’s character Nitin in the 2011 action-comedy. Delhi Belly, and the thrill-seeker Vichitra, who has dreadlocks and wears harem pants throughout the series. Call them Rituraj’s crew, but the way all three of them end up in chaotic situations every time is nothing short of an adventure that Bollywood masala movies have to offer.

The miniseries stars Nikhil Vijay, Javed Jaffrey, Swagger Sharma and Badri Chavan

The miniseries stars Nikhil Vijay, Javed Jaffrey, Swagger Sharma and Badri Chavan

After arriving in Tinseltown, the three friends now live in a dirty room in a trickle. As the filming of the movie begins, they meet Robin, who breaks his neck and transforms into a different character each time – sometimes a don, then a sergeant. Once a popular hero, his stardom is slowly fading – something he struggles to accept. Rituraj’s dream of becoming a Bollywood star means that no matter what happens, he must remain strong and resilient, even if that means working in Robin’s shadow. While Vichitra’s ‘adventures’ know no bounds, Dayalu Sampark falls in love with Gulabo, another struggling actor in town, whom he met at the ‘Aangan Tedha’ dance bar. One thing leads to another and mayhem ensues.

Through its course, the series touches upon a plethora of issues that plague the world of Indian cinema and that aspire to be associated with, no matter what. The narrative takes a dig at the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry – from drug abuse to the casting couch and the role played by administrative officials. While it is interesting to follow the journey of the central characters in the series – the way they make their way in this chaos – the script fails to draw the audience’s attention to any particular theme. Antics and random humor can only take you so far.

Roomies In Dreamland is a story of three friends in Mumbai

Roomies In Dreamland is a story of three friends in Mumbai

Javed has been able to carve out a place for himself as one of the most memorable characters of the series thanks to his comic timing and quirky antics. The other lead actors are promising, but one can only dream of fully exploring their acting skills in a plot like this. The series, though muddy, is a celebration of friendship and what matters even more when you’re chasing your dreams.

Decision: a comedy of errors, Rooms at Dreamland Its heart is in the right place, but the web series falls short of what it takes to make an impact. Lacking depth and nuance, the characters struggle to reach their full potential. What was expected to be a wild and wacky run for the viewers, turned out to be just funny.

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