Worldwide Box Office Collection: Avatar 2 tops Spiderman; Set to be the 6th film to enter $2 billion club

James Cameron directed Avatar: The Way of Water With the historic collection is nearing the end of its run at the global box office. A few days ago, the epic collection topped Spiderman: No Way Home Starting its journey to become the highest-grossing Hollywood film in the post-pandemic world and has now entered $2 billion (INR 16,275 crores). Avatar 2’s 35-day collection is $1.930 billion (INR 15,705 crore), thus surpassing the global collection of Spiderman: No Way Home, which clocked $1.921 billion (INR 15,632 crore).

Avatar 2 becomes the sixth Hollywood film to enter the $2 billion box office club

Avatar 2 is now on track to become the first Hollywood film to cross $2 billion. box office Club in the post covid world. The James Cameron fantasy would also become the 6th Hollywood film in the last 25 years to achieve this feat. 3 out of 6 movies are from James Cameron. For those unaware, the $2 billion club opened in 1997 with Titanic, directed by Cameron, and took 11 years and another Cameron directorial to earn a place in this prestigious club. The 2008 fantasy, Avatar became the second Hollywood film to cross $2 billion at the global box office and also ushered in the $2.5 billion club.

It was followed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game, but none could top Avatar (2008) as the top-grossing Hollywood film. Avatar 2 is on track to end with $2.1 billion at the box office, becoming the fourth highest-grossing Hollywood film of all time. By the end of its run, Avatar: The Way of Water will top the lifetime collections of Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

List of highest grossing films at the worldwide box office:

  • Avatar: $2.92 billion
  • Avengers: Endgame: $2.79 billion
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens: $2.06 billion
  • Avengers: Infinity War: $2.04 billion
  • Avatar 2: $1.93 billion
  • Spiderman: No Way Home: $1.91 billion
  • Jurassic World: $1.67 billion
  • Top Gun: Maverick: $1.49 billion

As far as India is concerned, Avatar 2 has emerged as the highest-grossing Hollywood film of all time in India, surpassing Avengers: End Game. The 35 days nett total of Avatar: The Way of Water in India is Rs 370 cr and the film is running around Rs 375 to 380 cr. Avengers: Endgame’s record remained intact for almost 4 years and now it will be interesting to see which Hollywood film will top the race for Avatar 2 in India. After the release of Avengers: End Game, Marvel superhero movies peaked and are no longer doing record-breaking numbers.

Avatar 3 Could Open the $3 Billion Club

It probably has to be Avatar 3 in December 2024 to top the race for Avatar 2 in India, although there will be a large number of successful Hollywood movies in the next two years. For those unaware, Avatar 2 had a relatively low opening at the box office in the pre-Christmas period, leading experts to predict it to end under $1.40 billion globally. Some even declared Top Gun: Maverick as the No. 1 film of 2022. But as they say, never underestimate James Cameron. The word of mouth world caught up during the Christmas period and the film continues with its stupendous theatrical run, setting new records day by day, suggesting long footfalls at the ticket window. With 3 films in the $2 billion club for James Cameron, the filmmaker has set a record that will go down in the books of world cinema, and probably won’t be challenged for decades to come.

The top contributing markets for Avatar 2 are US, China, France, Korea, Germany, UK and India. On the footfall front, the top 3 markets for this James Cameron film are the US, China and India. On the recovery front, Avatar 2 has covered its production budget and marketing costs, and is now going into surplus mode for the producers. The historic success of Avatar 2 now makes Avatar 3, releasing in December 2024, the most awaited sequel in the history of world cinema. If the film lives up to the expectations and expectations, it could open the $3 billion global box office club. Stay tuned with Pinkvilla for more updates.

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