Promising Talent ndge Is All Set to Impress the Fans With the Latest Quirky Music Video of ‘Funk You’

Versatile and gifted singer ndge is making quite some noise in the music industry and now will be releasing his latest music video of ‘Funk You’. Stay tuned for more.

Pop music has always been about fun and quirkiness that brings out a very colorful vibe for the audience. But nowadays freshness is missing from pop music, all the new tracks in this genre are becoming dull or monotonous. Breaking this monotony, the artist ndge is here to present a colorful pop anthem that will give the audience the urge to get on the dance floor and feel free. The music video of the artist’s latest single Funk Youwill be officially out soon and the news is already making quite some noise in the global music industry.

The promising talent himself is a colorful person who likes to make music not only for the sake of entertaining others, but also to make himself happy. Music has been his passion since his early childhood and now the artist has developed a music style of his own. You will find no other artist making a similar kind of music as the artist either sonically or in style. For the unique identity and style, the artist always refers to his world of music as ‘ndgetopia’ and invites his audience to enjoy every twist and turn of it as he does. You will find the artist’s discography completely entertaining and full of colors, just like the vibrant energy of the artist.


As mentioned before, making music has always been a passion for the artist who helped him develop a unique and idiosyncratic style of his own. He has also always liked to bravely face challenges, no matter how those were thrown at him, either in his music career or in general life. This brave and bold persona of him is perfectly reflected in any music project he has made to date. While Funk Youis his first official release on YouTube and it is as impressive as ever.

ndge has always liked writing individual songs that have interesting or challenging titles. This recent release of the musician also follows this trend and is steadily becoming an anthem of self-love. The main message that the artist tried to give through the music video is to focus on ourselves and ignore anything that disrupts our inner peace. Listening to this song is similar to a journey when the audience will go through several stages of emotion, starting from hurt, then anger, and finally acceptance which leads to celebration. The song creates a colorful and vibrant environment with its catchy and relatable lyrics which go well along with the energetic composition and the artist’s expressive vocals.

You can watch the video on YouTube and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for further information.

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