Yo Yo Honey Singh Is Coming With His New Avatar Honey 3.0

Yo Yo Honey Singh is all ready to rule again on the world of music after seven years. He is returning to the industry in a whole new avatar. He has recently launched a new soundtrack, named ‘Gatividhi’. In this song, he has talked about his past where he went through a lot of difficulties. He has also said ‘Can’t I give my fans my old look? It’s a shame on me if I can’t achieve that’.

The artist eventually came back into the industry, in the year of 2017. He came with the song ‘Makhna’, which they shot in Cuba. After that, he made another track, named ‘Saiyyaji’. Both the tracks are hit but audience no one completely accepted his appearance. Everyone was used see him in a certain way and the whole transformation made everyone stunned.

Honey Singh has always been a very famous singer who has taken hip-hop music to another level in the Indian music industry. He always maintained honesty in his creations. This artist has never hurt anyone’s sentiments with his songs. There is no allegation against him about targeting any caste, sex, or religion. His way of presentation is appreciated by all because it was something that no one has ever seen.

Yo Yo Honey Sing
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Recently there was a controversy about his relationship status. But he has been upfront about it and made his statement. He said a few things about her girlfriend Tina Thadani. He has said that ‘Tina is a very mature girl. She knows how to read people. I think initially, she must have felt I was just fascinated by her. But when she realized the depth of my feelings, she took me seriously and finally accepted me. The best thing is she knows about my past. A lot of things have been said about me. I have never given any justification till date. Maybe even Tina believed those things. I wanted to tell Tina about myself, so I told her my whole story. She heard everything and said, this is your third life and gave me the name Honey 3.0’.

Now Honey Singh is no more Yo Yo Honey Singh but he has become Honey 3.0. He is also coming with an album named Honey 3.0 which will have 46 tracks in it. The album will release in March this year.

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