Livin’ Joy’s Tameko Star returns with ‘Something Beautiful’

Tameko Star has released the music video to her latest single ‘Something Beautiful’

Tameko is also known as 1990s eurodance diva Livin’ Joy, writing and recording the global top 10 dance hits such as ‘Don’t Stop Movin’, ‘Follow The Rules’, ‘Where Can I Find Love’ and recording the cover of ‘Dreamer’.

Chatting about the stunning music video, Tameko said:

“The concept of this video was about me being in two worlds that seemingly overlap. One minute I am in an earthly realm, the next, I’m in another dimension on a spaceship traveling to Jupiter, projecting myself on a monitor and inviting everyone to join me! Lol! It’s reality versus my imagination!” 

An EP is to follow ‘Something Beautiful’ in the Spring of 2023.  

Returning to music 25 years later, Tameko recently told Retro Pop: “Now is the time where independent artists can flourish, as opposed to being under a record label, being the last to get paid and being cheated out of your money, and being tossed about in the industry. Let me take the reins on my own accord and make music that I love for myself and for the Livin’ Joy fans – so I did, and here comes Something Beautiful. Literally, that’s the title of the song…”

Watch the official music video here:

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