BTS’ Jimin’s Solo Album Is Scheduled to be Released Next Month

2023 has already started and it is going to be another bright year for the members of BTS. While the success of Taeyang’s hit project ‘Vibe’ is still buzzing in the industry, Jimin is getting ready for the release of his upcoming album. The anticipation is quite high as this singer and songwriter of BTS will reportedly drop the album the next month. This music project is going mark Jimin’s debut as a soloist.

South Korean news outlet Sports Donga said that February is decided as the month for release. However, BTS’ label BigHit Music has not made any form announcement since they are “currently coordinating schedules with regards to BTS Jimin’s solo and will share more details once finalized,” stated by XportNews and MyDaily.

Though other members of the band have already begun their musical careers as a soloist, this is going to be Jimin’s debut project. It will be soon followed by j-hope’s solo LP ‘Jack In The Box’ as well as RM’s all-new musical project, titled ‘Indigo’. There is no doubt that the anticipation is quite high among K-pop fans as well as music lovers from around the world.

Last year, the pop stars of BTS announced to proceed with their solo endeavors as they have to serve their mandatory military duties. The announcement was followed by Jin’s “The Astronaut”. However, the members will soon join a band in 2025.

Though Jimin has not released any music projects, his collaboration works got profoundly popular on music streaming platforms. One of the most unique projects would be his duo with Ha Sung-woon on ‘With You’, the OST from ‘Our Blue’. This tvN’s K-drama has impressed a lot of viewers and what made the world go crazy, is the amazing OST. The track notched the top spot on Billboard’s US Digital Songs Sales chart as well as proved itself as the best K-drama OST of 2022.

Other than that, Jimin has also participated with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg along with other members like Jin, V, and Jung Kook for 2022’s hit project “Bad Decisions.” The song has garnered over 48 million views. Last September, Jimin dropped a photo folio named ‘Me, Myself, and Jimin ‘ID: Chaos.’

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