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Director Jeon Lim at home with a background of his old cameras on the left and his 12 shih tzus on the right

Jeon Lim is shaping up to be the next major director to watch in Philippine showbiz. Working with two other directors, he has just completed a 47-episode run of his first TV series, “Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters”. He has also signed an eight-picture contract with Regal Entertainment and is expected to sign another contract with GMA Network soon.

Earlier, Zion was just doing his bit for the YouTube channel of his production house Oxin Films, which has 380,000 subscribers till date. In 2020, he ventured into the Boys Love (BL) genre and launched #MyDay, a beautifully made BL series about an intern in a food company and his evil boss. The series gained many fans and one of them was Joey Abakan, GMA’s first vice president of program management. Abakken is credited with introducing Jion to Regal Entertainment CEO Rosel Monteverde and that’s how everything fell into place.

“I have been running my own business for a long time now but it is a different feeling now that both these companies have put their trust in me. I cannot let them down,” he revealed.

Zion considers itself a third generation creative. His grandfather was a journalist and when the old man died, Jeon recovered some manual vintage cameras which he cherishes till date. On the other hand, his father had an audio-video business in his hometown of Zamboanga City.

Director Xion (center) with Bodji Pascua (left) and Aiko Melendez (right) on the set of “Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters”

Jeon tried singing but it was filmmaking that was approved by his family. He took Multimedia Arts at De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde. “We were the first batch to graduate. So I did not get to see the new building,” he said.

When you ask him how he got started in showbiz, he’ll say it all started in 2006 when he directed, produced and co-wrote the script for Zenoa, a sci-fi action fantasy film starring the late Isabel Granada and Paolo Ballesteros .

Zion takes pride in the fact that he released the film in theaters without the big names in the industry knowing about it. “I looked for the booking number of SM Cinemas on the Yellow Pages. I did all this on my own.

He would go on to make a few other indie films such as the comedy film “Pandong”. Around 2010, Zion decided to focus on the production side of Oxin Films as it seemed more lucrative. He did corporate AVP, TV commercials, music videos and the likes. “From 2016 to 2019, I also created blocktime shows on GMA,” he said.

jeon lim filming on location

The business gave him enough to invest in world-class equipment. Xion is one of the few directors in town who owns not one, but four Panasonic BGH1 Lumix 4K cameras, which have been approved by Netflix for their quality specifications.

The pandemic of 2020 halted most of the business operations and it affected Oxin as well. During this time Xion again looked at his company’s YouTube channel, which already had close to 5 million views without being monetized. It was then that he decided to produce the well-loved web series which not only generated revenue for Oxin Films but also got him fans from everywhere.

Other original web series such as “House Rules” and “Rainbow Prince” were created, the latter winning Best BL Series from TAG Awards Chicago and Luster Awards 2022. in April or May 2023 and will still star Miko Gallardo as Skye.

Zion resolves to continue making BL shows as he sees that the trend is far from subsiding. “BL Style always welcomes new content and new ideas. It already has a solid following.

As far as Regal Entertainment is concerned, he said that they have the flexibility on what projects to do. We are working on two films this year. There were scripts that had already been sent to me. But it is not limited to movies. It can also be a TV show or web series. Zion really has his hands full.

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