ULLU Originals Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein trailer: Woman learns a SECRET about her relative in this erotic web series

ULLU is back with a brand new erotic series named Jane Anjane Mein – 6 – Charmsukh. The makers have unveiled the official trailer that sees a woman finding a shocking secret about her relative.

The trailer video begins with a woman spending some intimate time with her husband in her bedroom and suddenly hears something at the door. Her husband asks if she locked the bedroom door or not, to which she replies that the lock is broken.

After a while, they come out of the bedroom and witnesses their relative standing near the door. As soon as they come closer to him, they learn that he is standing still and looking into space. The woman guesses that he might have the illness of walking in his sleep.

Moving on, they start seeing him walking in sleep whenever they try to spend some romantic time. Meanwhile, the servant of the house understands the relative’s plan, confronts him and says that he knows he does not have an illness of walking in his sleep. While the latter threats the house help and tells him to be in his limit otherwise he will lost his job from the house.

The relative again gets caught looking inside the window of the bedroom, while the woman comes from behind and confronts him asks him, why is he standing there. He lies and says that he saw a snake at the window. This scares the woman and she hugs him tightly. Post that, after a few days she confronts him and says that she know his secret that he does not have illness of walking in the sleep.

Watch the full trailer video here:

Stream Jane Anjane Mein – 6 – Charmsukh on January 20.

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