The Way Of Water Closing In On $1.9B Global Box Office – Deadline

refresh to latest, James Cameron’s incarnation: water way It continues to outpace itself, surpassing $1.8B globally and reaching nearly $1.9B at the worldwide box office this weekend.

Global arrival expected by Sunday $1.894B, Avatar 2 Still ranks as the number 7 greatest film of all time. ahead of it at number six Spider-Man: No Way Home With $1.921B, so it should surpass it earlier this week.

After Strong Mid-Week, 20th Century Studios/Disney Sequel Added $88.6 million On international box office this weekend (-36%), bringing its offshore total $1.331B, It remains No. 5 biggest overseas release of all time Avatar, Avengers: Endgame, Titanic And avengers: infinity war, it’s closing infinity war ($1.37B) to jump up a notch on the international charts. It is already the top release internationally in the pandemic era.

China Still the top market, down $200M to $211.8M as of Sunday. It is now the highest-grossing studio film of the pandemic era, which is passing F9, It has also passed the original release incarnation ($204 million). very nice The Middle Kingdom will enjoy an extended run, although its strong run will be challenged by the arrival of Chinese New Year on January 22, when many local titles will take up a lot of air.

China is followed France at $120.5M, GermanY’s $106.9M, Korea$92.7M UK at $76.8M, India ($56.7 million), Australia ($50.9 million), Mexico ($48.8 million), spain ($43.7 million) and Italy ($43.1 million).

Avatar: The Way of Water In its fifth weekend, it remained the No. 1 non-local film in all markets except Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay and Central America.

Holding was strong in several regions including Japan (-27%), UK (-29%), Korea (-31%), Germany (-33%), Spain (-33%), France (-34%). Mexico (-35%), Australia (-37%) and Brazil (-40%).

in IMAX, very nice became the format’s No. 3 biggest film worldwide, reaching $214M as of Monday (so, including domestic holidays). International portion is $138.8M, now No. 2 highest IMAX gross ever, behind only endgame, In China, $47.7 million so far accounts for 23% of the national total, and is well behind No. 2 endgame, Total overseas, 44 markets are counted very nice Your best IMAX results including Korea, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, India, UAE, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Singapore, Thailand and Colombia In form of .

Elsewhere, and although we’ve had rough ride family animation endorsements over the past year, Universal/DreamWorks Animation has been well-reviewed Puss in Boots: The Last WishThis frame saw an international decline of just 23% $19.8 million A in 77 markets $141 million Total running abroad and $247.4 million Global. offshore, it’s overrun Soul 6 to beth Pandemic’s biggest animated studio title.

puss 2 is currently swashbuckling up 28% sing 2 Same point – and except in China where the film has got an extension. It saw a 39% increase this weekend, supported by word of mouth, bringing it to $4.7M.

Mexico jumped 15% year to date to $13.1M Brazil Sitting above five new openers at No. 2, reaching a lifetime top-running total of $6.9M sing And sing 2As well as encanto, the Croods, Coco, trollsAnd light years,

up is mexico France with $15.5M to date, followed by Germany at $10.7M.

Universal/Blumhouse’s Scary Doll Pictures M3GAN also had a good grip with $15.4 million For a decline of 34% from 64 markets. offshore totals to date $34.2 millionin line with smile, the invisible man And the black phone, Running is low around the world $90.7 million,

Thirty new markets opened in this session. in UK, the $3M opening included the best Saturday for a horror film during the pandemic. Altogether, M3GAN Boogie for the second best horror launch of the past three years except for the previews. frame conforms to 2018 Halloweenabove invisible man, halloween ends, annabelle, smile and more than double black phone,

Australia claimed the third-biggest pandemic horror opening day on Thursday, and grossed $1.3M from 239 screens this weekend. it corresponds to the opening annabelle, screamAnd Noabove black phone, halloween ends And happy death day,

in Germany, M3GAN Hooked Up For $1.5M invisible man, happy death day smile, annabelle and almost triple black phone,

Poland, Thailand And Taiwan Each opened at $300K. In Thailand, it was the top studio horror bow of the pandemic as the film received a strong response from the marketing campaign, and the dancing clip generated huge awareness on socials, especially TikTok. M3GAN ranked number 1 from Avatar 2 In Thailand this session.

in holdover, Mexico After a slight drop of 21%, it has come down to $6.5M smile at the same point. spain Had to drop only 26% to top lifetime total of $2.1M halloween ends And screamand equal to land smile So far. in Indonesia, M3GAN has crossed smile And happy death day at $1.4M.

MISC Updated Cums/Notables

a man called otto (SNY): $4.4M International Weekend (30 markets); $14.5M international low/$35.7M global

whitney houston: i wanna dance with somebody (SNY): $3.4M International Weekend (46 markets); $27.1M International Low/$49.1M Global

Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (SNY): $1.4M International Weekend (35 markets); $55.3M intl cume/$102.1M global

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical (SNY): $1.1M International Weekend (UK only); $30.4M came to the UK

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